Get Protected Bundle

TVC's Get Protected Bundle

Don’t get caught out unprepared. Let us ensure you are protected against dangerous internet surprises such as ransomware.

Leave your computer with us for only 48 hours and we will:

  • Install Quick Heal® Total Security Software
    Installation of 1 year license. Total Security includes a firewall to block external threats that try to gain access to your computer over the internet and core protection to detect and clean malicious files on your computer.
  • Set up Scheduled Cloud Backups of your files
    Set up and schedule ongoing back ups of your files to a cloud storage space with 30 day versioning retention. Ensures there will be a copy of your files safely stored in the cloud if you lose your files in future. Third party cloud subscription fees apply of approximately $7 per month.
  • Check your Current Operating System up to date
    We will ensure your operating system is running on the latest release to maximise security. Operating system upgrades will incur a further fee.

…with a separate value of $169 we are offering this bundle for just $89! Too easy!

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shutterstock_336698507What the heck is ransomware?? Don’t despair! We have all you need to know only one click away.

TVC-674-DigitalAdvert-RepairGuarantee-48HourGuaranteeCircleIf your computer has been infected TVC offer a 48hr repair guarantee on computer software!

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