What the heck is Ransomware?

What the heck is Ransomware?

“Ransomware” is the word on everyone’s lips and all over the news. But what the heck is ransomware and what do you need to know?

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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that locks users out of their computers until they pay the hackers to (supposedly) regain access to their files. The ransomware worm can easily spread to other computers on the same network once it has access to a single computer. This can be extremely devastating to large organisations as just one wrong click can take down a whole company network.

Why is everyone talking about it?

Over the weekend there was a major global ransomware attack with malware called WannaCry believed to have infected over 200,000 computers across 150 countries. The attack has affected many major organisations such as Fedex (US Freight Company), Renault (French Car Manufacturer) and UK’s National Health Services.

What can I do?

The ransomware attack infected computers through emails. All it took was one click on a link or attachment sent via email, for the malware to access the computer. Then, in this case the WannaCry malware has spread through entire organisations and networks utilising an exploit in the Windows operating system.

This attack has targeted mainly larger companies running Windows, however future attacks are sure to expand to other operating systems and prey on other user vulnerabilities. This attack demonstrates the monumental impact of malicious software and all computer users should take actions to protect themselves against all manner of attacks.

There are four main actions to be taken to reduce the risk of ransomware infecting your computer:

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1. Take Care with Emails

Be vigilant when opening emails. Malicious emails may come from your friends or people you don’t know. If anything seems out of the ordinary, be wary. Malicious emails will include a link or an attachment that will allow the ransomware to access your computer.

2. Update your Operating System

As software is always changing and hackers are always trying to find new vulnerabilities, operating systems constantly update their systems to maximise security and reduce the risk of being compromised. You can set your operating system to automatically update or regularly check and install updates yourself.

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3. Install Security Software

Ensure your security software is updated, includes protection against ransomware and that the license has not expired. We strongly recommend Quick Heal® Total Security which offers round-the-clock protection from all types of dangerous surprises on the internet.

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4. Back Up your Files

Unfortunately, even with the best security, there is always a risk of infection. With appropriate backups, infection becomes a mild inconvenience rather than complete devastation. Ideally your backups will consist of two parts, external back up and cloud back up.

TVC's Get Protected Bundle

Don’t get caught out unprepared. Let us ensure you are protected against dangerous internet surprises such as ransomware.

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  • Install Quick Heal® Total Security Software
    Installation of 1 year license. Total Security includes a firewall to block external threats that try to gain access to your computer over the internet and core protection to detect and clean malicious files on your computer.
  • Set up Scheduled Cloud Backups of your files
    Set up and schedule ongoing back ups of your files to a cloud storage space with 30 day versioning retention. Ensures there will be a copy of your files safely stored in the cloud if you lose your files in future. Third party cloud subscription fees apply of approximately $7 per month.
  • Check your Current Operating System up to date
    We will ensure your operating system is running on the latest release to maximise security. Operating system upgrades will incur a further fee.

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